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Jehan Kamal: Home


Jehan - Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer: Jehan's lyrics are spiritual poetry - tales of dance, love, passion, women's awareness and empowerment. Her music is a magnetic blend of sensual vocals, exotic melodies and driving rhythms creating a diversity of song from meditation/trance to pulsing dance grooves. Jehan has recorded music from traditional Arabic songs to world beat fusion. A renowned bellydancer, Jehan has performed and taught worldwide. She is the founder and director of the Temple of Jehan dance school dedicated to sacred bellydance - preserving Middle Eastern dance traditions and exploring evolutionary styles.

Jehan showcases her music and dance in theatrical performances called featuring a splendid cast of bellydancers, singers, musicians and magical performers from around the world. “I am a priestess here to serve you. My body is the temple; dance is my prayer. There are many rooms in my temple; enter and be loved 1001 ways. Meditate upon my womb. Raise the lotus to full bloom. Wings unfold upon the snakes and consciousness awakes.”